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Window cleaning service

I use purified water which I filter at home and bring it with me in the van. Using waterfed poles to clean the windows, there is no need for ladders. When I cleanthe glass ,I also clean the frames which helps keep​ the glass cleaner for longer !

Pressure washing

I clean using only the best equipment . I clean
houses to keep the paint at It’s best , or prior to painting for the best finish possible. I a product to loosen the dirt before I pressure wash the walls .I use a flat surface cleaner to clean patio
and paving slabs.

Solar panel cleaning

I use the waterfed pole system to keep panels
working at their best . I highly recommend twice
a year cleaning to get the most out of the sun!

Conservatories cleaned

I offer a basic clean , only cleaning the glass and frames outside.I also offer a valet clean which
I clean every nook and cranny ,in and out !
This is not cheap, but the results are breath taking!

Moss/roof cleaning

I clean moss off roofs using hand tools only , no pressure washing at all , I spray a moss killer after cleaning the roof, to help stop the moss coming back to quick!


I offer a painting service all year round.